I Wake Pies and Make the Dead.


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Ew. There was a scorpion in my grandmother’s living room.

I almost didn’t notice it at first because it blended in with the carpet, but when I realised what it was, I kind of panicked and told my mum not to move just so I could be sure.

I have’t seen a scorpion up close and personal since I was very little. It somehow ended up in the toilet and drowned itself. 

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so, I was talking to spookydeadgxrl last night about how Ned hasn’t told Olive about his gift in the canon and like 90% of my RP threads despite her loyalty and it seems our opinion can be summed up in one gif:



reasons why you should watch pushing daisies

  • lee pace is a cutie
  • emerson cod is a private investigator who knits in his spare time
  • lee pace is a super cutie
  • adorable relationship with a dead cutie called chuck
  • there’s a musical episode
  • the narrator’s voice
  • bEES 
  • PIES
  • detective work
  • the music

reasons why it was cancelled:

  • we have no idea
  • it was a really good show

A Life Without Cheese is not a Life worth living!

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I am so happy. I found Cadbury chocolate at the store.

I’ve never been more happy to see “By appointment to H.M. The Queen” on a candy bar since coming back from England. I’m just going to sit here, stuff my face with chocolate, and nom on cashews. 

Officially going to bed.

Goodnight, my sweetie pies.



Olive nodded, glancing back at the road and turning onto the next street. Somewhere quiet… there was that field she always passed on her way to Lily and Vivian’s? “A cemetery seems a kinda strange place to go in these circumstances,” she commented, trying to make conversation.

"Yeah. I know. Not to mention… I don’t really like cemeteries. But it’s the only quiet place I could think of unless you’re willing to drive further out of Papen County. Let’s be honest, we live in a busy city," he admitted.

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